Maine-ly Apples is closed for the season

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We started pruning on January 18th and finished on March 29th. The entire pruning season was on snow and there were some really windy and cold days. Now we have to chip or remove all the prunings and we are somewhat behind last year because the orchard is still wet and too soft to support the tractors.

The trees haven't come out of dormancy yet though some of the flower buds are starting to swell. Hopefully things will dry out so that we can the orchard cleaned up in the next couple of weeks, spread the yearly application of lime and fertilizer, and fix all the fences.

A row of pruned trees. ↓

photo of pruned apple trees

Flower buds on the Idared trees, one of the first ones to bloom. ↓

photo of buds on apple trees

A shot of the nature trail on April 14th. ↓

photo of a nature trail

Snow on the low parts in April. ↓

photo of snow in the orchard

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