Maine-ly Apples has closed for the 2014 season.

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Summer Solstice update

The trees like the warm dry days and lots of sunshine. We have gained 6 hours and 49 minutes and the orchard appreciates that.

We have some June photos from the orchard; you can see from the photos how nice and green and healthy the trees are.

photo of apple trees

They are also growing this year’s apples and as you can see the Gala apples are doing fine.

photo of small apples on the trees

We planted trees this spring and in this particular row are Winesap apples. We have had requests through the years for this variety especially from people who are originally from the Pennsylvania and Delaware region. It is a little far north for Winesap apples but we thought we would give them a try.

photo of a row of young apple trees

This little tree has the soap we attach to discourage deer browsing. They set a tree way back when the chew all the new growth off and the little first year trees are the most susceptible.

photo of a single young apple trees with soap on it

In light of the problems of colony collapse the recommendation is to expand and distribute more honey bee colonies, so we started our own hive this spring. The bees seem to be doing fine and it is the most enjoyable project we have done lately. If things go well our new hive will be the first of many.

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